He Saves People (Mental Health Awareness Week)

Knock Knock aired last weekend, and i still haven’t written a post for it. In fact i’ve not written anything all week. I just cant face it. As i sit searching the mental health awareness tag on twitter, i realise that The 8-14th may 2017 is mental health awareness week, which perfectly concides with my current broken mental state.

Usually in times like this, i turn towards Doctor Who as a comfort, and have done since i was a kid. Nowadays i am so involved in Doctor who fandom that sometimes i cant find it a comfort anymore. Keeping up with this blog for example. Replying to my who fan friends on twitter. Trying to do a billion fandom projects that i dont have the time or mental energy for. I get overwhelmed, confused and end up overthinking everything. So i suppose for mental health awareness week, i wanted to talk about it.

Doctor Who is a lifeline for many, myself included. Apart of why i get so anxious is what people think about me being so obsessed with a TV show, but without it i truly wouldn’t be who i am. I wouldn’t have friends all over the world, i wouldn’t be writing, and i wouldn’t be such an open and kind hearted person. I get worried about being judged, but i have gained so much from a tiny little TV show. I could have let events in my life change me, but Doctor who taught me to have courage and be kind.

This is SO important. Having something IS IMPORTANT. Whether its a TV show, a band, a sport. It can save lives, and it should be spoken about. Mental health SHOULD be talked about.  However you are feeling, its okay to talk about it, and its okay to do whatever and love whatever you want to make yourself happy and well. I feel embarrassed about whats going on in my head, but why should I? Its a part of who i am, and so is Doctor Who. I’m not ashamed to say that I love the Doctor, because he saves people. He saved ME.

Most importantly, if you are suffering in silence, let someone know. In the words of the face of boe: You are not alone. Talk to someone, anyone. Let us Time ladies know if you have too. Even just talking about it can help.

And don’t be scared. Remember: Fear is a superpower.

One Reply to “He Saves People (Mental Health Awareness Week)”

  1. Brilliant article, you say so many of the right things about this show and about mental health, and for that I just take my hat off to you really. Thank you so much for creating this.


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