Reasons we love Pearl Mackie!

Today is Pearl Mackie’s birthday! To celebrate, we asked twitter exactly why they love our newest time lady. Happy Birthday Pearl, and here’s why we love you!

‘She’s relatable!’ @DavidPuckridge

‘She knows sci-fi tropes, which warms my nerdy little heart.’ @MatGreenfield

‘She takes the time to reply and give love to Who fans – she understands the community’ @KeziaRose

‘She’s a ray of sunshine! She’s very kind, she cares about her fans. she was absolutely lovely when I met her!’ @Mikarlsson

‘She was inclusive of the fans from day 1!!’ @Pinkwaldd

‘She just fits so naturally into the role of Bill, a new companion always feels a little off at the start but Pearl…not at all!!’ @CaptainJimipie

‘She’s interactive with fans a lot and really appreciates the role and the fans!’ @NicholasDurham

‘She is just so sweet and knows how important the show is to some and she always takes time out for the fans. She wonderful. I love her’ @Tom_Matt_Dix

‘She’s warm, friendly, she makes you feel welcome and she always has a smile for everyone. She’s a truly wonderful person!’ @magicofvenice

‘She always takes time to meet fans- especially at filming when she is meant to be working! So down to earth and bubbly, basically ur bff!’ @gallifreyswift


‘She completely gets the fans and was really accepting since the day she was announced’ @Smalledd

‘As warm and welcoming as she is buzzing with positivity, makes me smile, very expressive and her hair – it’s like a whole new world in there’ @CreativeCatFX

‘Her portrayal and dedication to the show and fans is just inspiring, a true icon to look up to.’ @TARDIS_Monkey

‘First experience of Pearl was in Freddie & The Hoares. Great music, fun vibes, chill group. She’s maintained that in acting’ @JonDBarker

‘She has a wonderful and cool presence on screen as Bill in the show. She’s amazing with the fans and she has amazing hair.’ @Suzetwelve

‘She’s such a bubbly, energetic member of the Whoniverse. She’s done so much for the show and only been in one season. We love u Pearl!’ @connorpulli

‘She is always smiling!’ @Tom_Chappy_Man

‘She’s just such a breath of fresh air! from the moment she was announced, i knew i’d love her but she completely exceeded my expectations!’ @callumread_

‘She is just amazing and always smiling. She’s made Bill her own and she seems so lovely’ @_itsjustleah

‘She always takes the time to talk to everyone as real people not just as fans, always smiling and happy and just an overall lovely person’ @Littlew0lf_pearl01

‘Happy birthing day! So glad she were born otherwise we’d never have an amazing companion for the Doctor! She’s knocking it out of the park!’ @dijit23

‘She’s the first companion which I can relate to on a whole hearted level. Pearl is the most talented young actress and an incredible person! @HarriCole_

‘She’s so lovely and always smiling. She brings so much to Doctor Who and Bill is so important and inspirational to everyone.’ @LauraSt0nes

‘She’s incredibly nice to work with. :)’ @PINKTROID

‘She talks about big issues with grace – how she loves portraying a powerful gay woman of colour, but she knows she is not the only voice! X’ @QueenOfTheSonic

‘She’s aware of what she represents, but at the same time just gets on with it, she’s all that because she’s simply herself.’ @Apollostowel

‘She represents exactly what we need as a 2017 companion – truly a breath of fresh air’ @Valiantchild

‘she truly appreciates everyone’s love and support and is such a positive role model!’ @Kaaaaaatie_x

‘The perfect representation for members of the lgbt community, especially young audiences. she is just what doctor who needed.’ @Theladyhattie

‘She uses her status to draw attention to real issues, she’s friendly, energetic, and a credit to the Doctor Who Universe.’ @joeydws

‘She is just amazing ! Nice, sweet, beautiful and such an example for young girl ! This is why we love her’ @Mariedwae

‘lovely woman who is brilliant with the fans and never seems to stop smiling! Always makes sure she says hi to everyone.’ @georgebaker26

‘She’s the perfect inquisitive, companion to the Doctor! Her thirst for adventure,resonates with us all! ‘ @thatmartykid

‘So natural and relate-able. Full of enthusiasm warmth & so joyful.I fell in love with her straight away. Lights up the screen.’ @imawayforawalk

‘She makes everyone feel welcome and brings an amazing new dynamic to the show ! She’s amazing’ @deerstalkered

peariemackHappy birthday Pearl, We hope you have a good one!!!

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