Monthly Doctor Who favourites: May

This month The Doctor and Bill battled a scary house, visited the moon and began a terrifying adventure to discover the ‘truth’. Here are a few of our favourite things from around the Whoniverse that we’re loving!

Dr Men Books

FullSizeRender (2) (1)

From the world of Hargreaves comes Dr Men, a mash-up of the Mr Men and Doctor Who worlds. These adorable books feature the First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors on their adventures in time and space. With the cutest illustrations of our favourite characters and monsters, these are enjoyable for all ages, and gives us double the nostalgia!

Bills Brows


Brows are a massive trend in the beauty world, and Bill’s brows are ALWAYS on point. Every episode we found ourselves staring at them and wondering exactly how they’re so perfect! Pearl Mackie herself revealed on Twitter the products the Who makeup artist uses on her:

149684108944287 (1)

Loreal brow artist shaper

Mac Brow finisher

Affordable, perfect brows?! We ❤ it!

Time Lady Art

This month we’ve been loving art from fans around the world. Here are two of our favourites:

Here is 12 and Bill celebrating pride month, by Valentina:

lgbt pride

And 12 and his guitar by Lucy Crewe:


Ten and Rose return

Big Finish have announced that The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler will be returning for more adventures as David Tennant and Billie Piper reprise their roles as the beloved characters for audio. Available from November, a trailer and a poster has been released and we CAN’T EVEN. Ten, Rose AND Jackie?! BACK TOGETHER?! It’s a dream come true!

Listen to the trailer here


The Doctor Who Experience

Featuring an interactive adventure for you to go on and hundreds of props and costumes from the show, the Doctor Who Experience is a Time Ladies paradise. The attraction based in Cardiff Bay is set to close this summer, and we’re really bummed about it. Costumes of every Doctor and companion, monsters galore and REAL TARDIS sets, it will leave a hole in the Doctor Who world when it’s gone.

See it before it closes!


See you next month for more whoniverse goodness!

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