5 Times The Master Fooled Us

Now, it may have been just me. In fact, I was the only Time Lady not to have clocked ‘John flippin’-right-in-front-of-me Simm’ in World Enough and Time but I notoriously have always been fooled by the Master’s disguises.

Before you say “But surely not in…” yes. Every. Single. One.

As a celebration of the first multi-Master spesh we had last weekend, we thought we’d look back over some of the Master’s most ingenious (and hilarious) disguises. Delgado, Ainley, Simm and others… we take our theoretical mask off to you.

1. Mysterious Electrician (official credit, ahem) in The Mind of Evil

giphy copy 4

This is in one of my favourite series of Doctor Who because the Master pops up with a ‘IT’S MEEE! SURPRIIISE!!’ in every episode – take note that I still barely clocked that the whole series was going that way. Oh Kez.

Here we see the Master sneakily posing as a telephone repair man so he can listen in on Yates nattering on about UNIT’s plans. The actual reveal of the Master is when he steps into his wee telephone maintenance tent, takes off his fake nose and rather saucily reveals his suit under overalls all whilst laughing a trademark ‘mwa-ha-ha-ha’.

Just how we like him.

2. the Portreeve in Castrovalva

giphy copy 2

Ahh the kindly Portreeve who oversees all goings on in the quaint, open and leafy town of Castrovalva. He looks like Dumbledore doesn’t he? Or Father Christmas! And he’s helping the Doctor after his regeneration. So lovely… HOLD THE PHONE IT’S HIM AGAIN. HOW. WHAT. WHERE.

My favourite part in this isn’t even the Master’s disguise, it has to be Adric looking like a bit of a plonker in a spider web. I think more posts on Adric are needed.

3. Sir Gilles in The King’s Demons

giphy copy 3

Now *this* is the one where you must think ‘surely Kez, SURELY.’ But when I watched this I simply turned to Luke and said “Cor, that actor’s got a TERRIBLE french accent hasn’t he?!” The most hammed up, obvious accent of all time had to belong to the Master. Who else would the Doctor duel with?

The reveal takes place at the end of the first episode and I would have enjoyed more hammy ridiculous-ness for much longer. Anthony Ainley gold.

Kalid in Time-Flight

giphy copy

Ahh the one we have to take with a pinch of salt as it’s so terribly awkward to watch. Anthony Ainley doing his best whilst being dressed up as an overweight, overstereotyped Chinese man. You end up watching a lot of it through your fingers as it’s so excruciatingly offensive it’s hard to get through (which does make me wonder if we should ever celebrate stories that have content like this).

But if we’re looking at it from a purely ‘Master in disguise’ perspective, I didn’t think it was Ainley for a SECOND. When Kalid dies in the most disgusting way (it looks like his head is exploding with snot, trust me) I was delighted that the Master had arrived to try and save such an abominable story.

5. Mr Razor in World Enough and Time

giphy copy 5

Of course we couldn’t leave out the latest and arguably one of the best reveals in the wonderful World Enough in Time which graced our screens only a couple of weeks ago!

Even though he was covered head to toe in prosthetics and had fake teeth, it wasn’t his appearance that threw me off the scent. John Simm’s characteristics and *that* accent were so un the Master that I genuinely had no clue! The wondrous nature of the whole episode being centered around Bill and Razor completely sucked me into their world. Razor took us all under his wing with Bill; was our confidant and the only thing that had a whiff of hope in that horrible place! *sob*

… And then he walked in on Missy which is when I felt like looking at myself in the mirror and saying “Gurl, u dumb.” But I loved that I’d fallen for it again, that pesky Master.

Also, how great is that zoom on the reveal. Reminds us of the epic zooms on all cliffhangers in Trial of a Time Lord.  (credit Chris Allen, big up)


And so the Master continues their merry dance. Because Missy had to have regenerated somehow. We can’t have Doctor Who without the Master, it would be like having roast dinner with no potatoes (boring).

Yes I did just compare the Master to a roast potato. I’m out.

– Kez

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