Top Ten Bill Potts moments

Series Ten is over! *sobs*. Bill Potts has floated off into space for adventures with Heather after a roller-coaster ride on the TARDIS. From the moment she entered The Doctor’s study, to facing death as a cyberman, our girl has made us laugh, smile and cry. Here we’ve picked ten of our (many) favourite moments of hers from the series!

Entering the TARDIS

“Look at this place. It’s like a—”

Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS is our FAVOURITE. Pointing out all the things no one ever thought to, she brings a completely fresh perspective to something we’ve watched companions do for over 50 years. And asks to use the toilet. This is the moment we fell in love with her!


Letting Heather go

Bill heartrendingly says goodbye to love interest Heather at the end of The Pilot, breaking all of our hearts in two. Mackie acts her heart out, proves her companion credentials with this emotional scene and sears Bill and Heather onto our brains forever. Relatable and adorable, its a moment we can’t forget.


Her first alien world

“It speaks Emoji!”

Bringing her modern charm into space, Bill visits her first alien planet in Smile. Meeting her first robots, tasting her first alien food and taking in her first alien landscape, we walk the planet through her eyes. And it’s AMAZING. Fresh, funny and wondrous, she asks all new questions and takes on the world of the Doctor with joy which shines through the screen. We can never get enough of her eyes lighting up at new sights!


Confronting The Doctor 

“If you care so much, tell me how many people you’ve seen die.”

Bill rages at the Doctor after seeing someone die for the first time in a tear jerking scene from Thin Ice. Questioning him on how many people he’s seen die, it makes us realise just why he needs a companion alongside him. Her perspective is completely refreshing and important for the continuity of the show and its viewers. Its raw, emotional and heart wrenching, and we love that she makes us think deeper into the Doctor’s world.


Her and her mates

“Honestly Doctor. There’s nothing going on. Nothing weird. Nothing alien. Just an old house and a dodgy landlord, which is pretty standard for students.”

Every moment with Bill and her friends in Knock Knock is ADORABLE. Seeing more of her world through them gives us that good old family feel that we know and love. It’s great to see her interacting with people her age in a ‘normal’ context and seeing how she changes from when she’s with The Doctor.


Calling for her mum

“He didn’t tell me a joke. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”

Bill regularly turns to her mother throughout the series, talking to and asking for guidance from her dead parent. One of the standout times is in Oxygen. Preparing for what she thinks is her death, she screams for her mum to answer her when she’s panicking. It’s real and breathtakingly painful to watch. Can we just wrap her in a blanket and keep her safe please?


Sacrificing herself

“I Consent!”

Making the ultimate choice, Bill chooses to give the world over to the monks in Pyramid At The End Of The World. Consenting to their power, she acts out of love to save the Doctor. This is a massive turning point for her character’s development and how much she’s changed whilst travelling in the TARDIS. We couldn’t help but feel proud of our girl, using her pure intentions to save our hero and nearly sacrificing her life in the process!


Talking sexuality with the Romans

“I don’t like men… that way.”

You know how it is… having to explain your sexuality to everyone. ALL.THE.TIME. No? Well that’s what Bill has to deal with throughout the series, and this scene deals with it in THE BEST way. Struggling to explain to the roman soldiers that they aren’t her type, she gets a huge surprise. They’re all queer! And its completely normal. A heart-warming moment that makes us proud to be a Doctor Who fan, and even more proud that Bill is on our show.


Staying behind to help the Doctor

“Glad you knew that.”

After the traumatic events of the series ten finale, CyberBill decides to stay and fight to the end with the Doctor. Proving herself time and time again, this is the ultimate sacrifice Bill has to make. If none of the rest of the series made you completely fall in love with her, then this episode certainly does. Pure, kindhearted and brave, she does what any true companion would do. What’s that? We’re not crying… we just have Bill Potts in our eyes!


A different kind of living

“I’ll show YOU around.”

At the very last minute, Bill Potts gets the ending she deserves. After waiting all series for Bill to get a love interest and a happy ending, Heather finally comes back for her. AND THEY SHARE A GREAT BIG KISS! Our hearts literally leapt at these two together, and at the happiness they share on screen! After leaving the Doctor safely in the TARDIS, Heather and Bill finally go off to see the universe together. *cue tears*



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