Doctor Who? Is the Future Female?

So, we’re minutes away from the new Doctor. Want our feelings whilst you’re watching Wimbledon? Read on…

What do I want in the 13th Doctor? A simple enough question, but my honest answer is that I don’t /really/ know. There’s one thing I do know though: I don’t want another white male. The Doctor has been played by the same white male between the ages of 25-70 for over 50 years now. We know he can regenerate into literally anyone, and have seen other time lords turn from men to women and people of colour on screen. It is 2017, a time for the future.

Diversity and equality are at the height of discussion in the media almost constantly now. There should be no issue in having an actor of a different gender or ethnicity play an alien over 2000 years old. If you still think that this is a problem: just imagine hundreds of children of all backgrounds, growing up and seeing themselves in the most popular hero on British television. Imagine what that could do for the future. Little girls believing they can save the universe and be the hero. Children of colour knowing they can have any opportunity they want. This show was created to educate and entertain. It has a DUTY. A show created by a woman and a man of colour that is based on change needs to finally catch up with the times.

The first doctor reveal I have memory of was Matt Smith. Whilst Chris to David was my first regeneration, Matt’s reveal in a documentary-esque TV special remains prominent in my memory because it was the first time I realised the true scope of Doctor Who, and how the changing of Doctors was a special event akin to a change of prime minister. Following said TV special I wrote and posted an extremely aggressive letter to the BBC about how Doctor Who was ruined, how could they, and that they had to bring David back RIGHT AWAY.

Change has never really been a concept that settled easily with me. I am through and through a creature of habit and comfort, change has always troubled me far more than it should. Which, of course, as a fan of Doctor Who meant that I was often left heartbroken at a change of companion, writer and of course Doctor. Despite this however, I also (begrudgingly) know that through change, greatness can be achieved.

I know this on a personal level: moving to University alone and finding my own way, starting new jobs and falling in love with the Eleventh doctor approximately three minutes into his first episode. I hope that the new doctor (and the new era) bring to the show everything that Doctor Who has always been: inspiring, humbling and full of hope. And I don’t know about you, but to me the future is looking very female.

I always feel so nervous about who will be the next Doctor, I feel nervous for the show and mainly for that person who is suddenly responsible for one of the biggest heroes in television history.

Change is one of the most incredible things about Doctor Who and I think regeneration has been key to why our favourite show is still around today, nearly 54 years after it’s first transmission. I personally am terrible with change but even when it hasn’t felt right before, it has been needed and I recognise that.

Doctor Who has made such brilliant bold decisions and I think they need to stretch this to our hero, the lead part. I’m not sure if everyone is ready for a female Doctor, but in my opinion, they should be. Why can’t a woman be the lead? In a 2017 world of Wonder Woman and Supergirl, let’s pave the way and inspire young girls. We shouldn’t always be the companion.

My fear is, that a woman (at any time of her announcement, it could not be 13!) will get a really tough time. People won’t give her the time of day and that’s a scary feeling. Really, what does that say about our audience?

We need to be brave, forward thinking and above all – aren’t Time Lords above gender?

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