The Time Ladies Press Tour!

The announcement of Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor made the internet go next level #HYPE.

We were in the thick of it as a blog which focuses on celebrating women who have been part of Doctor Who and as advocates of female fan engagement. Female fans are often quickly labelled or questioned on their ‘credentials’. It can be hard to get rid of that label and be taken seriously as a fan and we’ve all been there, we get you.

As a result of us existing we were asked by Radio 5 Live to interview about Jodie’s casting and the more controversial nature of some of the opinions from fans. I, (Kez) woke up at the crack of dawn to speak on behalf of The Time Ladies at 6:50am!

BBC 5 Live:

Myself and Beth then co-ordinated (Beth whilst in Greece, what a superstar she is) a full Time Ladies press tour day, speaking to local BBC radio stations about the casting and our thoughts.

BBC West Midlands
“It was only a matter of time and only right that a woman was given the chance.” -Kez

BBC London
~where I debated with Vanessa Feltz on the subject of female role models

BBC Sheffield
Speaking about the press using pictures from sex scenes in Jodie’s previous roles (ugh, we h8 you Daily Mail)

BBC Newcastle
Aka where Beth SLAMS an opposing fan’s views by calling him out on his BS.

Woman’s Hour – Radio 4
The One When Kez lives her dream and fulfills her life’s destiny just for being on Woman’s Hour.

BBC Hereford
When Beth speaks about female fans having more of a voice because of Jodie and we all cry.

BBC Wales
I explain the concept of regeneration and why the Doctor most probably won’t regenerate into a dog.

BBC Three Counties
The infamous “But Peggy Mitchell isn’t an alien” line. Need we say more. Beth the legend.

BBC Coventry
Where the presenter is great and accidentally says he loves me and I say K-9 should make a come back.

Lastly, we were asked to be on BBC Global News! We’ve made it! Here’s me below speaking with the wonderful Gail Renard who’s an advocate of female screen writers. We talked about the backlash after the announcement, female role models, possible future companions and the queen, Verity Lambert.

So it was a pretty mad day but we loved feeling v important for 12 hours. Here’s to more female Doctor Who fans being asked to speak about their opinions.


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