The Hooded Woman (A 13th Doctor story)

Callie Wright paced the dark, dank alleyways around the backstreets of London, itching to get out of the pouring rain. Looking up at the lights, she paused briefly and admired her surroundings. She had always loved London. No matter how dark, grey or scary it looked, she saw beauty in it. The land of opportunity they called it. Some opportunity, she thought. Forty plus hours stuck in the four boring walls she called her office, getting paid *just* enough to cover rent and bills. She pushed the thought out of her mind as she crossed a busy street teeming with traffic and Londoners who were also manically trying to get home during rush hour. Figuring out the quickest way to get home to her small, cosy flat, she took a shortcut down a tiny cobblestoned alleyway. The tapping of her brogues on the uneven ground comforted her, as all other noise seemed to disappear entirely. It was eerily black. Shadows upon shadows climbed the patchy stone walls around her. Speeding up, she almost ran around the corner to a better lit, slightly less terrifying road. An old, blue police telephone box sat under a flickering yellow streetlight, battered and weathered. She wondered how long that had been there. It didn’t look terribly out of place but there was something just… Off. Realising she had stopped in her tracks, her mind drifted toward the bottle of Pinot Grigio calling her from her kitchen. Just a few more minutes and she’d be tucked up on the warm sofa, forgetting the woes of her day. 

A group of teenagers passed loudly screaming profanities at no one in particular, and she thanked her stars that they had left her alone. The wind and rain picked up suddenly, making it almost impossible to move through. Callie felt a chill down her spine as her whole body went cold. Rounding a corner, she stopped suddenly as a hooded figure moved towards her. Dark and outlined in a long cloak, it was as if time had stopped. Callie couldn’t take her eyes off the rapidly approaching shadow. Slowly, the figure stopped and reached for their hood, revealing a woman. Startlingly beautiful, she had deep brown eyes and blonde hair cut into a perfect bob. There was a strangeness about her, almost as if her eyes were older than the rest of her. ‘Callie Wright?’ The woman said. Frozen to the spot, Callie felt a strange sense of trust towards the stranger, as if they had met before. ‘Uh… Yeah. Yes, that’s me,’ Callie replied. The woman’s expression suddenly turned deadly serious, and Callie noticed a small red question mark on the collar of her shirt peeking out from her cloak. ‘I have an important message for you. Please, whatever you do, listen to me. Callie, your life could depend on it’ Callie felt her heart beating so hard that it might burst right out of her chest. The woman carried on. ‘You have to remember, Callie. Whatever you do… Don’t blink!’ 

(Image credit to Sam Bentley!)

One Reply to “The Hooded Woman (A 13th Doctor story)”

  1. Love The Story. I am also creating an 13th Doctor story but in the CGI form of an graphic novel “The Time Stalkers” Set In Roswell. In 2095AD


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