Facts and Fun with ‘Paper Dolls’

Always imagined what the Third Doctor would look like in the Ninth Doctor’s clothes? How Sarah Jane would style a look like Rose’s? Well imagine no more!

Paper Dolls is your number one source for costume knowledge and fun. Featuring every Doctor and their companions, each character has multiple outfits they can be changed into, complete with facts on their costumes! Introduced with cosplay tips from ‘Doctor Who: The Fan Show’s very own Christel Dee, this book covers every angle of dress up fun. Here’s some things we learnt about our favourite time ladies costumes whilst scouring the pages and dressing up the dolls…

Jo’s gorgeous high heeled boots worn in Day of the Daleks were chosen due to the height difference between Katy manning and Jon Pertwee. Katy was only 5’1 and Jon 6’3, making it much more practical for her to wear high heeled shoes!



Sarah Jane’s fun, child-like dungaree outfit from The Hand of Fear is supposed to contrast with the events of the story. Sarah is possessed by the evil Eldrad, meaning she’s not quite herself (!)


sarah jane

 The Blue Peter badges on Ace’s amazing bomber jacket were Sophie Aldred’s that she earned as a child.



Donna’s beautiful dress, worn in The Unicorn and the Wasp, was an original 1920s dress hired especially for the episode.


Clara Oswald often looks pretty smart during her time on the TARDIS. This is because Steven Moffat wanted her to always look like a school teacher, even in the middle of crazy adventures! We always wondered why Clara looked so classy ALL the time.



Lalla Ward hoped that having Romana wear a school uniform would make children happier to wear their own… not quite sure if that worked. Maybe if teens were allowed to wear incredible long pink coats!



Ace was originally styled in bumblebee style yellow and black leggings, amazing! They couldn’t go ahead with the look because it caused strobing on the tv cameras, drat.


Osgood’s wardrobe was a lil’ testament to all Doctor Who cosplayers! Steven Moffat wrote in her costume as a ‘sort of love letter to the Doctor Who fandom’. She’s totally one of us.



And they ALL look great in each others outfits:

rose as clarabill as acemissy as osgoodamy as jo

Why not assemble your ideal Sarah Jane Adventures episode with all the classic Who companions? Or ever wondered what a Victorian dress would look like on Ace? Have some fun assembling some dream teams of your own and send them to us on Twitter!

For more costume facts, cosplay tips and fun, get Paper Dolls, out Aug 24th in all good book stores and online.

p.s. Look out for us Time Ladies cosplaying real soon…

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