Doctor Who London Locations

There’s nothing more special than visiting a location where your favourite Doctor Who episode was made or set. Reliving the moments that made us laugh, cry and hide behind the sofa! We recently teamed up with Epic Who and went on a tour of Doctor Who locations in London, to show you exactly where the most iconic who moments happened. Check out our video here.

As well as this we’ve created a handy, complete guide to Who locations and iconic places featured in the show so you can have your own London Doctor Who day! Allons-Y!

The Powell Estate (Brandon Estate)


Probably one of the most iconic locations of new series Doctor Who, The Brandon estate doubles as Rose Tyler’s home- The Powell Estate. Featured in various episodes from 2005-2010 we see the TARDIS crash land, cyber ghosts invade and even the Tenth Doctor’s regeneration happen here.

Episodes: Rose, Aliens Of London/World War Three, The Christmas Invasion, Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday, The End Of Time

How to get there: Take the Northern line to Kennington. The Brandon Estate is just a 10 minute walk away!

The Shard


As well as being an iconic London landmark, The Shard appears in 2013 episode The Bells Of St John. The Great Intelligence use it as their headquarters, controlling the people of London and the Spoonheads. The Doctor (well, spoonhead Doctor) even rides up the side on his anti-grav motorcycle!

You can visit the café location and view the shard from afar (details here)

Or you can visit The Shard itself!



Also appearing in The Bell’s Of St John is the beautiful Southbank, where The Doctor and Clara land the TARDIS. The Southbank also features in episodes such as Deep breath and Thin Ice, although filming didn’t actually take place at the location for those two.

How to get there: Head out of Westminster or Waterloo and follow the Southbank signs!

Westminster Bridge


Westminster Bridge has featured a few times in Doctor who history. Famously, the Daleks menaced across it in The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. This scene was then re-created in 2013 for An Adventure In Space And Time, the docu-drama made to celebrate 50 years since Doctor Who began.

As well as this, The Ninth Doctor and Rose run across it to find the Nestenes underground lair in Rose and The Eleventh Doctor and Clara ride over it in The Bells Of St John.

How to get there: The nearest tube stations are Westminster and Waterloo. If you’re at Southbank you will be able to see it from there too!

Big Ben


Big Ben is another landmark of London that appears frequently in Doctor Who. Most notably, a Slitheen ship crashes into it and falls into the Thames in Aliens Of London. This was a mixture of a model, CGI and real shots of the clock tower.

Other episode appearances: Deep Breath, The Empty Child, The Eleventh Hour, Love and Monsters.

How To Get There: Big Ben is directly next to Westminster bridge, so you can see them both from Westminster Tube station, or walking from Southbank.

London Eye


The London Eye features as the transmitter for The Nestene consciousness to activate the autos in Rose, arguably one of the most iconic London scenes in who! To relive the moment you need to cross over Westminster bridge and walk down embankment until you arrive directly in front of the big, round, circular dish. Park the TARDIS and off you go!

St Pauls


Everyone’s seen the iconic image of the Cybermen walking down the steps at St Pauls, right? This beautiful location first appeared in The Invasion in the late 60’s, where the Cybermen tried to take over the capital. The shot was recreated for 2014 episode Dark Water and St Pauls itself home to 3W, a tomb for hundreds of Cybermen.

How to get there: St Pauls Tube station is the nearest tube stop, but if you’re already on or around Southbank you can get there by crossing the millennium bridge.

Trafalgar Square


In 2013’s 50th anniversary episode Day Of The Doctor, UNIT brought the TARDIS to Trafalgar Square on urgent business. The scenes were filmed in public with fans watching- they got to stay in shot on screen too!

Other episodes to feature Trafalgar square include Rose and In The Forest Of The Night. It’s also worth noting that inside The National Gallery you will find Van Gough’s Sunflowers– a painting featured in Vincent And The Doctor.

How to get there: Take the tube to Charing Cross!

Globe Theatre


The Globe Theatre is a recreation of Shakespeare’s original globe, and is found along Southbank. The 2007 episode The Shakespeare Code was shot here, taking you right back to the 1500’s. The Tenth Doctor and Martha battle the Carrionites and meet Shakespeare himself- even getting to (sort of) perform on stage. Have a tour or watch a play… just remember to shut your big fat mouths!

How to get there: The nearest tube station is Blackfriars or alternatively you can walk from St Pauls or along Southbank!

Canary Wharf


Ever wanted to see the original Torchwood Tower? Canary Wharf featured in 2006’s Army Of Ghosts/Doomsday, the iconic battle of the Daleks and Cybermen. It’s also where Rose Tyler ‘died’ *cries*

How to get there: Take the tube to Canary Wharf underground station!

Now you’re all set to take a Doctor Who tour of London! Tweet us your pics at @thetimeladies_ !

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