Outfit For 13

The moment is finally here… the 13th Doctor’s outfit has been revealed! Stylish, quirky and screaming ‘Doctor’, we take a peek at the fabulous look in more detail…


At first glace the look is completely fresh and exciting. It keeps traditional elements picked from previous Doctor’s outfits such as the braces, boots, long coat and rainbow colours. The familiarity of these is heart-warming to see on a new face and body, particularly as we’ve had a big change with the Doctor becoming female.

The rainbow colours used in the look are SO 4th Doctor that they may well have pulled them straight from his scarf, and it’s a palette repeated throughout the outfit, making the look feel instantly iconic but distinctly ‘13th Doctor’. Teaming this with teal high-waist trousers and mustard braces, the colours pop beautifully.


Finally, no Doctor’s outfit is complete without a fabulous coat! Long and plain with a slight rainbow trimming, it’s understated and stylish but quirky at the same time. The length feels very 10th Doctor as well as the colour being similar to the 7th Doctors coat!

The accessories add a perfect touch and even something we haven’t seen for any previous Doctor before: piercings! Thirteen is rocking the ear jewellery and we’re loving this statement. Traditional brown Doctor boots with bright blue socks complete the outfit and we couldn’t be happier with this choice of footwear, which throws back to the 11th Doctor.


Overall we’re head over heels for this whole look. Practical, fun and stylish, it also features so many Doctor-y elements, it’d almost be impossible not to love it.

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