All I want for Christmas is Who! (Gift guide)

Stuck for gift inspiration? Do you have a Whovian relative or friend and you can’t think WHAT to buy them? Or better still, are you a Doctor Who fan with a Christmas list to write?

Search no more! We’ve compiled a gift guide covering all bases… and you’re all on the nice list this year.

Gift Guide 1


Doctor Who Annual 2018

Christmas isn’t complete without curling up on the sofa with a cuppa and the Doctor Who annual, right? Packed full of games, stories, facts and more, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was bigger on the inside. There’s something inside for everyone and is just the gift to prepare you for the event of the day: The Doctor Who Christmas special!

Dr. Tenth’s Christmas Surprise

This adorable book is great for any Who fan and will warm your insides more than a mug of hot chocolate. Go on an adventure with the Tenth Doctor as he tries to give Donna the perfect Christmas surprise, bumping into some snowy trouble along the way…

From the brilliant Dr Men range, this is the first of the selection to feature the Tenth Doctor and comes with a special hardback cover. Treat yourself or your friends to this perfect stocking filler!

Drama and Delight: The Life and Legacy of Verity Lambert

Want to know more about the life of our hero Verity Lambert? This biography is perfect for the Time Lady in your life, be it they want to work in television or they crave some feminist inspiration – Verity’s got it in shell loads.

Book of Whoniversal Records

Always wanted to know the most goals scored in Doctor Who? How about the most dangerous weapon in the universe? The book of Whoniversal records includes the highs and lows of Doctor Who history, all in one handy book. Ponder over facts and figures this festive period and learn things even WE didn’t know about our favourite show!

Listen and Watch

Listen and Watch

Series Ten Boxset

As well as the annual, Christmas isn’t complete without receiving a Doctor Who Boxset, right? Re-live this year’s astounding series and prepare yourself for the 12th Doctor’s last story on DVD or Blu-Ray. You can even choose a beautiful steelbook version, just to make your shelves look pretty! We can’t wait to join The Doctor, Bill and Nardole on their epic adventure all over again…

The Christmas Specials

Tis’ the festive season after all! Once you’ve finished sobbing over our beloved Twelfth Doctor departing, you’ll want to watch a more jolly episode of Who whilst eating your yule log. Our shout is popping on Voyage of The Damned and munching your way through a cheese board.


It’s finally finished! After 37 years with books, audio and Tom Baker narrating the gaps in the story, we get to see a finished product… and from the trailer, it looks fab. Purchase it purely for the cycle chase through Cambridge, watch out for the flying orb and keep your eyes peeled for a special surprise at the end! Available on blu-ray, DVD and another pretty steelbook (we’re a sucker for em’).

Big Finish

There’s nothing more exciting than a new Doctor Who adventure to enjoy – and Big Finish has HUNDREDS. From the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler’s return to the story of the Time War, don’t let the adventure end just because Who is off air. Get this in your ear holes and experience a new version of our beloved show!




Being given socks at Christmas is a tradition but they needn’t be a boring gift – give passers-by a flash of TARDIS ankle in these beauties.

Cat Badge

Change my dear, and it seems not a purr too soon… okay so we couldn’t find a way to get a cat pun in a Colin Baker quote but these badges are adorbs.

Christmas Sweatshirt

There’s no such thing as an ugly Christmas jumper – we LOVE a festive knit, but this is as cool as can be. Wear it all the way through to new year and if someone says it’s not Christmas anymore, say “wibbly wobbly, timey wimey” and stroke your nose knowingly.

Fourth Doctor Scarf

The ultimate accessory… those iconic stripes though. This scarf is the shorter version if you want to style it for the everyday or you can purchase the full length, go all out for your devotion to the fourth Doctor like our girl Osgood and rock the loopy look.

13th Doctor Tee

Get 13th Doctor ready with a t-shirt inspired by her costume! We’ve squeed and purchased already – swan into work or college knowing you’ve got a bit of the Doctor on you.



Adipose Stocking

What better way to start Christmas than to open your presents from a blob of fat? Really though, how adorbs is this stocking.

Tea Pot

Does your tea go ‘vworp vworp’ when you pour it? Thought not! (Note: neither does this one until you make the noises yourself, but it does look more effective).

Smartphone-operated K9

Do you want a little K9 pottering about your house being generally adorable? Affirmative! Mini K9 is operated by your phone via an app: you can control his movement and he can ‘bark’ various phrases. Good dog.

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit

Got your friends round and a few wines down are having a heated discussion about Clara Oswald? Just us? What better way to lighten the mood than some healthy competition! This trivial pursuit covers both old and new Who which is fab for all fans – just don’t get dragged into a game with a mansplainer and all will be well.

Calendar and Diary

If you don’t have a TARDIS to get you to every appointment on time, it can be pretty hard to remember everything you have to get done. Organise yourself in style with the official Doctor Who calendar and diary! With several designs to choose from, you can pick one to suit you and all your organisational needs.

That’s it for our gift guide!

Be sure to tweet us with all your amazing Doctor Who presents on Christmas Day, we love sharing in the joy.

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