Women Of Christmas Who

IT’S CHRISTMAAAAS tomorrow, and as per tradition, there will be a new special episode of Doctor Who! Every year since 2005 we’ve been treated to a festive story with our favourite Time Lord, and this year is no exception. To get you all in the festive mood we’ve picked our favourite bad ass ladies and their best moments from every Christmas episode so far!

The Christmas Invasion – Rose Tyler (Beth)


After watching her best friend change his face and turn into a completely different man, Rose Tyler has to deal with an alien invasion back home while he sleeps his regeneration off. Bravely, she attempts to stop the Sycorax all by herself and constantly proves her bravery and courage throughout the story. Never giving up on The Doctor, she protects him, her family and boards the alien spaceship to confront them. Standing up against a whole ship full of ugly aliens? That’s gotta take some guts. The first Doctor Who Christmas special is a template for the rest, featuring a strong, brave woman to help The Doctor save the day…

The Runaway Bride – Donna Noble (Kez)


We all know a Donna don’t we? A little bit gobby, lives for drama (a new flavour of Pringle? We’re with you Donna), but not forgetting funny, loyal and above all, loving. In The Runaway Bride she’s literally up the aisle when she’s transported onto the TARDIS… now as amazing as that is, I think I’d be a bit peeved too. What takes place after this scene is pure Christmas farcical brilliance; running up and down Chiswick High Road in her wedding dress:

“They think I’m in fancy dress… They think I’m drunk… They think I’m in drag!”

But as well as being such wonderful comic relief, Donna proves to be so much more. Even after watching the supposed love of her life turn her over to be dinner time for aliens, she looks out for the Doctor: “Doctor, you can stop now”  is one of the most poignant scenes from the tenth Doctor’s era and paints such a picture of who he is at that point. But really. the whole story is about Donna. And we love Miss Noble so much, because she’s everywhere – sitting next to us on the bus, our next door neighbour, our best friend. Donna is so very real, and is a quiet hero to us all.

Voyage Of The Damned – Astrid Peth (Kez)


“Astrid deserved better!!” is basically what I shouted at the television as my beloved Kylie sacrificed herself to save the Doctor. And I still feel as strongly about her to this day; and not just because Spinning Around is one of the best pop songs of all time. Astrid is hungry for adventure: to see new worlds, new stars, meet new people. She’s working in a dead-end job (we’ve all been there gal) as a means to an end because she’s working on Titanic – in space! But sadly, she gets to watch all the passengers alight to each passing planet whilst she carries on serving champagne in her adorbs waitressing outfit. And then the Doctor comes along. It’s so wonderful at this point in Doctor Who to have a companion who has never seen earth before, it actually made me appreciate our planet and our odd little traditions. But of course, with it being Doctor Who AND the Titanic, it all goes horribly wrong. And who’s behind it but basically a tory? No surprises there. Astrid is kind and compassionate, making friends with all the wonderful individuals no one else cares about. She’s brave and wonderful, inspires the Doctor to embrace the unknown again and deserved better. I really hope we get to meet her again one day.

The Next Doctor – Rosita (Kez)


Rosita was saved by the supposed Doctor from the Cybermen in 1851. What we particularly love about her is that she absolutely believes this man is the Doctor (but of course) and runs as hard and fast as any companion would. Her best moment has to be when she punches Miss Hartigan square in the face “One last thing.” *thwack* cue us punching the air .The kindness and braveness she shows tends to be in the sidelines of the story as a giant cyberman takes over Victorian London. But we see how she cares for her Doctor and for the children in the workhouse. It’s her who frees the children and her who defends London, she’s a damn sight better than Jackson Lake when he realises he isn’t a Time Lord, we just wish we’d seen more of her.

The End Of Time – Lucy Saxon (Kez)


Writing about Lucy Saxon is strange because we hardly got to know her. She was in the most manipulative and abusive relationship imaginable. She thought she’d married the love of her life; had a few years of wedded bliss and then ‘the year that never was’ happened and she realised she was nothing at all. Of course she was naive and a tad ruthless having seen the lengths he would go to for power, but seeing the light, her bravery is admirable. Not only shooting him in Last of The Time Lords, which then confined her to a life time in prison, she knew the Master would come back by any means possible. She asked her father to work with scientists and create a potion that would reverse any way of Harold Saxon living again. By throwing this on the Master in The End of Time, she not only stunted his powers and nearly finished him for good, but sacrificed herself in the process. We thank you, Lucy Saxon!

A Christmas Carol – Abigail Pettigrew (Beth)


Stuck in a frozen chamber to pay off her family’s debt, Abigail made the ultimate sacrifice. Suffering a terminal illness, she was let out of the chamber every Christmas eve to celebrate with The Doctor and Kazran, her days numbered. Her beautiful singing voice meant she could resonate with the deadly fog crystals and calm the sky.  With Amy, Rory and a ship full of passengers crashing down to Sardicks world, its up to her to use her last day to sing the sky clear and save everyone. Her bravery and kindness makes her one of the ultimate Christmas companions!

The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe – Madge Arwell (Beth)


Madge Arwell has a secret. Her husband is lost at war, and doesn’t want to ruin Christmas forever by telling her children. She just wants to give them the best festive period ever, which should be easy, right? Um.. not when The Doctor gets involved. Innocently trying to help, he transforms their uncle’s mansion into a Christmas paradise. Except…he hasn’t quite checked ahead. The children discover a present that is a portal to a tree harvest planet, with dangerous consequences. Acid rain begins to fall and theres only one way out. Madge has to keep it all together through her grief when only a strong woman can fly the ship to safety. A real, strong, beautiful lady, her character resonates with the mother in all of us and warms the hearts of the nation. Can we adopt her, please?!

The Snowmen – Clara Oswald (Victorian) (Kez)


Oompa-pa, oompa-pa that’s how it goes! Cor blimey guvnor, it’s only Clara aka Nancy! We meet Clara at the beginning of this episode in one of the most Christmassy places – the pub. She’s pulling pints and probably singing merry tunes with her customers when the Doctor turns up and throws everything into question. Switching jobs to nanny Clara, we’re a tad confused to who she is, but it’s so Christmassy we’ll forget that for now. Chuck in the ice ghost of a governess, The Great Intelligence and Richard E Grant and we’re SOLD on The Snowmen. Clara is brave, loyal and protective of the children she looks after to her last word. As Victorian Clara passes away, we wonder what that companion could have been. It would have been fab to have had a companion from another time, even if we’re not too sure about the cockney, Dick Van-Dyke esque accent…

Time Of The Doctor – Clara Oswald (Beth)


Clara Oswald was born to save The Doctor, and Time Of The Doctor is no exception. She sticks by her best friend, Her courage and determination once again saving his life AND securing his future! After a little convincing, she manages to get The Doctor a whole extra regeneration cycle, which IS what friends are for, right? This episode is a perfect example of why strong, female characters are needed, especially in The Doctor’s world. She painfully has to say goodbye to the 11th Doctor after being pushed from pillar to post throughout the story, being sent back to earth even when she tried to help. Well Doctor, aren’t you glad she didn’t listen, eh?…

Last Christmas – Shona McCullough (Kez)


Another companion that could have been! Funny, ballsy and brilliant, Shona is one of the first characters we meet in Last Christmas. And what’s she doing? She’s facing terrifying monsters whilst dancing her best moves to Merry Xmas Everybody, what a legend. Shona proves her worth throughout the episode, questioning and challenging everything whilst being hilarious, and we lurrrrve her. When the gang are on the sleigh and she wants to keep in touch we stick our hands up and shout “us too, us too!”, but she wakes up alone in a grimy flat. We just hope whoever Dave is, he deserves her forgiveness.

The Husbands Of River Song – River Song (Beth)


A particularly heart-breaking story, The Husbands Of River Song gives us something we’ve waited for ever since her first appearance in Silence Of The Library; The last time River sees The Doctor before her fateful death. Having been told about their last meeting in her very first appearance, it has been a long, timey-wimey few years catching up with their adventures and this episode wraps them all up into a neat, tear jerking package. One of the best performances from Alex Kingston to date gives us a raw, real River like we’ve never seen her before. We also get the chance to have a 12th Doctor/River adventure, which is beautiful, festive and heart warming. Us? Crying? No, we just have the singing towers of derilum in our eyes…

The Return Of Doctor Mysterio – Lucy Fletcher (Kez)


Lucy is a single working mum, and don’t we admire her simply for that. Killin’ it writing for the Daily Chronicle, she often calls on her best friend Grant to look after her daughter. Not knowing that the story she’s chasing is in fact the nanny to her daughter, she becomes obsessed with The Ghost and very obviously finds him pretty damn dreamy. But at the end of the day, who is her hero? Grant, natch. And it’s a lovely happily ever after ending for both the badass journalist and her superhero boyfriend.

And with that, we wish you a very merry timey wimey Christmas. Watch out for our very special post on Boxing Day which will cover our first reactions to the 13th Doctor’s very first moments.

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