Introducing The 13th Doctor (Reaction)

As off right now, Jodie Whittaker IS The Doctor. The end of Twice Upon A Time saw The 13th Doctor burst onto our screens and make Doctor Who history by being the first female incarnation to play our favourite Time Lord. So, what did we think of our first glimpse of the Chibnall era?


‘Let’s get it right this time..’ mutters the 12th Doctor as he is about to regenerate, and as we watch Jodie Whittaker tumble out of the TARDIS, it certainly feels like they have. This regeneration is, to me, the most beautifully shot so far and is breath-taking to watch. It’s perfectly fitting that the 13th Doctor’s first words are so simple and full of excitement, with no outward comment on her change of gender because it doesn’t matter. This means that we get to see more of Jodie’s talent, somehow immediately winning me over just by muttering two words and rushing about excitedly. Her facial expressions and body language scream ‘Doctor’ even more so than I imagined could be possible.

The music and effects fit a beautiful new vision that will hopefully carry on for series 11 and creates an even more perfect atmosphere for our favourite hero. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a regeneration without an immediate catastrophe. 13 falling out of an exploding TARDIS as it disappears is one of the most exciting cliff-hangers the show has given us in a while, and has made me desperate for more adventures. It’s rare that I fall in love with an incarnation so quickly, as I’m sure many others have too from those breath taking few minutes. Here’s to the beginning of a new era… it’s going to be brilliant!



Wowee, how different was that?! As the Twelth Doctor’s ring fell off my heart was in my mouth: she was finally here. Seeing through the eyes of the Thirteenth Doctor was such a brilliant opener to her first scene – it really felt like we were with her in those first moments as she realises what’s happened this time round… “Oh, brilliant!” sums up exactly how we felt at home as we internally punched the air. The TARDIS veering out of control after a regeneration isn’t new, and with a change as big as this we half expected her to be pushed out whilst the desktop changes to fit the new version of our Time Lord. Isn’t it funny that with just one line and a couple of minutes of screen time Jodie perfectly encapsulates the Doctor? I can’t WAIT for 2018.


Male eyes, cradled with lines, a swift transformation, and they’re bright, female, long-lashed.

Thirteen is here.

For me, a regeneration scene is watched with racing heart and clenched fists. I’m desperate to see who’s next, but heartbroken to leave the last behind. This time was no different… but what a regeneration this was.

I can never love a Doctor from one line. I wish I could, but I can’t. This time is no different; but with the dawn of a new and bright series ahead, it is hard for me not to feel enthralled.

Rachel Talalay’s directorial skills are primarily to blame for my admiration of this scene. The ring sliding from Thirteen’s hand to clatter to the ground… the hazy, first person shot of the Doctor grabbing for the monitor, capturing her reflection and then beaming, new born, excited at it, was incredible.

We were scarcely given a second to focus on this moment, and the awed, deliciously Northern utterance of ‘oh, brilliant!’ before we were thrown into chaos. Perhaps that’s what makes this regeneration from man to woman work so well – that despite the change, there’s a TARDIS out of control, a hero in danger, and mad, frantic tumbling to adventures anew.

It looks like everything is set to change… but Chibnall, Talalay and Whittaker have reassured me, in minutes, that it’s to be business as usual.


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