Celebrating The 12th Doctor: Series 8

After 3 brilliant years, the 12th Doctor’s time in the TARDIS came to an explosive end in Twice Upon A Time. After drying up some of our tears, we decided it wouldn’t be the end of an era without some kind of celebration, would it? This week we take a look back at Peter Capaldi’s first series as The Doctor, dive into all things series 8 with us!



Series eight launched the 12th Doctor in style with cinematic opener, Deep Breath throwing our TARDIS team out of a dinosaur and into Victorian London. The series focused on the defining question, ‘Am I a good man?’ which was asked throughout as The Doctor and Clara fought Daleks, a deadly mummy and even killer drawings.

We saw The Doctor develop over the 12 episodes and wonder who he was, acting on the grumpier side at times and learning his way. His interactions with Clara Oswald redeemed his lovable side though, and their chemistry burst out of the screens. The end of the series saw our hero reunite with fellow Time Lord Missy (aka The Master) marking the beginning of a new chapter for the pair, and a cyberman invasion along the way! With ups and downs galore, we certainly got taken on a hell of an adventure for the 12th Doctor’s first series!


Top 3 Defining Moments

Comforting Danny 


One of the first times in series 8 that we begin to see The Twelfth Doctor’s development is in Listen. How he acts around others and responds to situations (especially children) is integral to The Doctor’s personality. Giving little Danny Pink the ‘Fear is a super power’ speech showed us that despite his grievance’s about whether he is a ‘good man’,  he’s still the caring Doctor we know and love. And of course, he wouldn’t be The Doctor without an impressive speech!


Defeating The Boneless 


After The Doctor and Clara are separated, our hero finally makes an entrance at the end of Flatline.  “The man that stops the monsters!” cries The Doctor, making us whoop and punch the air as he saves the day. You know those special moments where you go ‘Yes! THAT’S THE DOCTOR!’ This scene is one of those. This is what the mad person in a box is all about.


 Realising He’s a Good Man 

Death In Heaven

By the end of the series when Death In Heaven rolls around, The Doctor finally realises who he is, and always has been. “Do you know what I am? I am an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver!” This feels like the ultimate twelfth Doctor moment in the series, when he proves he has been the same old Doctor all along.


Best 12th Doctor Outfit

The 12th Doctor debuts loads of badass outfits throughout series 8, but our standout fave has to be from Death In Heaven. This plain outfit feels very sleek and fitting to his character and is easy and cheap for kids to cosplay! We ❤️


3 Not-So-Doctor Moments

Commenting on Clara’s appearance

Into The Dalek

One thing we won’t tolerate from The Doctor is degrading comments. Especially not to his loving companions! Commenting on Clara’s hips in Into The Dalek made for uncomfortable viewing, and wasn’t a great example for young girls who may be watching. C’mon Doctor you should know better!



Kill The Moon

Every Doctor is different, but the events that occurred at the end of Kill The Moon seemed completely out of character. Leaving Clara alone to make a terrible choice felt like abandonment and was completely unfair. You could argue it was a part of 12’s development, but on screen it just didn’t feel very Doctor at all.



Mummy On The Orient Express

Convincing Clara that they were on a nice mini break when he actually responded to a message from Gus – almost looking for trouble, seems unfair and un-trusting to his best friend. He then convinces her to lie to Maisie and lead her to her death, not always keeping her in the loop. It almost ruins the ‘team’ aspect that we know and love of The Doctor and his companions, and causes a rift. Bad move, 12!


Best story


There are a number of stories that stand out in a jam packed series like this one, but for us, Flatline inched its way ahead of the rest. Splitting The Doctor and Clara up works wonders for each of them to shine, with great characterisation and an exciting plot. The creatures are immensely interesting and fun to watch, as well as being creepy and fantastically written. With a great supporting cast and phenomenal SFX, the story ties up nicely and is everything you’d want in a 45 minute stand alone episode.

Doctor Who Series 8 (episode 9)


The 12 Doctor’s debut series had many ups and downs, but overall was a pretty solid start to Peter Capaldi’s spectacular era. Our Time Lady rating is *drumroll*….7/10!

Join us next week for our Series 9 celebration!


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    1. He was a perfect Doctor, wasn’t he? Our Series 9 celebration post will be our next Wednesday. Thank you for the support! ❤️❤️


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