Celebrating The 12th Doctor: Series 9

Welcome back to our 12th Doctor celebration! This week we’re talking all things
series 9…


‘Just The Doctor and Clara Oswald in the TARDIS…’

Series nine featured the goodbye to beloved companion Clara Oswald and many more tests for our hero. Daleks, Ghosts, Zygons and Time Lords, This series was a big one for sure…

Top 3 Defining Moments

The War Speech

The Zygon Inversion


One of the most iconic scenes to come out of Peter Capaldi’s era is the war speech from The Zygon Inversion. Facing the Zygons and humans who are fighting against each other, he asks the Zygons what they expect will happen if they go to war. Where will they live? Will they work? How will they protect themselves from the next group who want to take over the Earth? Explaining that innocent children will die, and lives will be shattered, it’s hard to watch without getting teary. This is the 12th Doctor at his very best, saving people with his words.

Breaking the wall

Heaven Sent 


After being stuck in a reccuring nightmare for billions of years, with the only way out being through layers of rock harder than diamond, almost all seems lost. Fighting on, he continues to die over and over, breaking through the wall over the span of 4.5 billion years. We see him struggle, suffer and scarifice himself thousands of times so he can break through to save Clara. This episode, and particularly the scenes focusing on his turmoil is heartbreaking to watch and perfectly acted by Peter Capaldi, it’s one which will stay etched in people’s memories for years to come.

Forgetting Clara

Hell Bent


There is no doubting the 12th Doctor’s love for Clara Oswald, especially becoming clear in this heart-wrenching scene between the pair. Realising that these two are in fact ‘the hybrid’ and are a danger to the universe, it is up to the Doctor to put a stop to it once and for all. He uses a device to wipe his memory and says goodbye to his beloved companion, one of the saddest parts of 12’s era. This moment shows the pain and consequences of being a Time Lord, choosing between love and friendship and what is right. Peter Capaldi portrays 12 as The Doctor we needed to see.

Best 12th Doctor outfit

Face The Raven velvet


The Doctor gets many fab outfits this series, but none of them beat the beautiful red velvet he sports in Face The Raven. The outfit just SCREAMS Doctor, and has Third Doctor vibes to die for.

 Not-So-Doctor Moment

Shooting the general – Hell Bent


The Doctor has said many times in the show’s history that he doesn’t like guns, and never uses them. One of the most important things about his character is that he doesn’t need weapons, and uses his wit, intelligence and kindness to save the day. So when he shoots the general in Hell Bent, it feels like a betrayal of the character, and even though the General regenerates, it just doesn’t feel very Doctor at all. It’s a very real reminder of how dangerous ‘the hybrid’ is. Can we get a memory wipe too?

We considered a few other moments this series, but decided they were mostly justified and all part of 12’s character development, which shows he was just getting better!

Best story

Under The Lake/Before The Flood


Under The Lake / Before The Flood features some of the best guest characters of the series as well as ghosts, aliens, and a creepy underwater base. The timey-wimey story is packed with wit, heart and an action packed plot as well as brilliant character development. The story also features the show’s first ever deaf actress who’s character is written perfectly, as if her heightened senses are a super power, and brings brilliant representation to the show. And did we mention creepy ghosts? SO much fun!


Series nine was action packed, daring and fun, with plenty of new content and exciting changes to the show. Overall, we give it a 7/10 for being so experimental and great for the 12th Doctor’s characterisation!


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