13 Ways To Fill The Hiatus

It’s been over a month since the latest episode of Doctor Who and if you (like us), are already desperate for more, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 13 ways to fill the hiatus until the 13th Doctor lands on our screens…

Discover the Classic Series 


I’ve recently begun my journey into the world of Classic Doctor Who, starting right at the beginning with An Unearthly Child. Having seen bits here and there and constantly being told how brilliant it is by Kezia, I finally decided to give it a go, and I’m kicking myself for never doing it before! It feels as though I’m re-discovering my favourite show and although the episodes are over 50 years old, it’s all brand new! Start from the beginning or dip in and out with different Doctors, we promise you won’t regret it.

You can buy The Beginning boxset here

If you’re unsure of where to start, or want some recommendations from the many classic series, you can watch Kez’s Classic Who Guide on the first two Doctors
(more coming soon!)

Kezia’s Classic Who Guide: The First Doctor
Kezia’s Classic Who Guide: The Second Doctor



If you’ve already seen the Classic series, why not give it a re-watch? How about starting post-2005 with Rose and re-living your favourite adventures? We love a good re-watch – discovering episodes in a new way or seeing things we didn’t notice before. Grab a friend and watch with them or blog it as you go along, the fun is endless!

Big Finish


If you can’t get enough of your favourite Doctors and companions, Big Finish is the one for you. Featuring brand new stories for every Doctor, there’s enough to fill the next 3 Doctor Who Hiatuses! And as they are audio adventures, you can listen to them any time and anywhere! Here are some of our favourite recent Big Finish Releases to get you started:

The Tenth Doctor Adventures

Classic Doctor’s New Monsters

The Time War

The First Doctor Adventures

Doctor Who Magazine


Doctor Who Magazine is available every month to satisfy all your Who needs. This is one of our favourite ways of finding out the latest news about the show. With fantastic interviews, comic strips, episode previews and features, it’s a must for every Doctor Who fan! Find the latest issue and the Doctor Who Magazine Year Book in bookshops and supermarkets now.

You can also read our interview with Editorial Assistant Emily Cook here!

The Fan Show


Now, if only there was a show for Doctor Who fans to discover more behind the scenes content, features and to celebrate the fandom… oh wait, there is! Recent episodes include a massive in-depth interview with ex-showrunner Steven Moffat who answers never before asked questions and gives the low down on his time as show runner. Check out every episode of Doctor Who: The Fan Show here.


00000001 csplay

There’s nothing better than dressing up, right? Try your hand at becoming your favourite characters with clothes, makeup and props! We’re loving everyone’s 13th Doctor outfits and with conventions happening throughout the year, it’s the perfect excuse to get yourself cosplay ready. Check out some of our cosplay posts:

Rose Tyler Tutorial

Bill Potts Look Book



We love a good Doctor Who book, and boy are there some brilliant ones out in 2018! Kicking off the year is the brilliant Krikkit Men, a lost Douglas Adams adventure lovingly written by James Goss. There’s also a regenerated version of Who-Ology, covering every side of Doctor Who from 1963-2017. As well as these, there are some beautiful books celebrating our favourite women of Doctor Who with The Missy Chronicles and The Day She Saved The Doctor. We absolutely adore these stories, and will be talking about them in more-depth this year. They’re a must for every Time lady!



Now, we can’t give you ways of filling the Doctor Who hiatus without mentioning ourselves, could we? With over 50 posts to read and daily updates on our Twitter account, we’re a must follow in the run up to the first series featuring a female doctor!




Doctor Who Party


Throw a viewing party for your favourite episodes or Doctor’s and invite all your friends for a perfect night during the hiatus. Dress up, create decorations, bake cakes and celebrate Doctor Who! Check out our guide on how to create Dalek cakes here.

Visit Locations


Visit the locations where your favourite episodes were filmed and re-live the best on-screen moments! London and Cardiff have some brilliant iconic locations which are easy to get to, so why not make a day of it and get some exciting photos?

Check out our London Location Guide.

Who Merchandise


Kit yourself out with all the latest Doctor Who merchandise, from DVD’s to props, costumes and toys, if you want it, chances are it probably exists. Here are some of our favourite products out at the moment:

Her Universe TARDIS blouse

Dr Men Figures

Twice Upon A Time DVD

Time Ladies T-Shirt

Her Universe T-shirt

Blogs, YouTube And Podcasts


There’s no one more creative than a Doctor Who Fan, and we LOVE following Who blogs, YouTube channels and on social media. Here are some of our faves for you to follow and get great content from:

Epic Who

Whovian Feminism





Listening to other fans give their run down on Who is a great way to keep the excitement alive for the show, there’s always a conversation to be had. Get these podcasts in your ears to fill the days until the TARDIS lands back on our screens:

Galactic Yo-Yo

Verity Podcast

Creating Your Own


Fan art, stories, videos and more, they’re all out there. Why not have a go creating your own Doctor Who adventure?

Here are some of our fav pieces of fan art at the moment! Thanks to Aaron Lowe (@Aaroonio), Sophie Cowdrey (@sophiecowdrey), Sophie Iles (@stuffsophdoes) , Valentina (@MarshCaps) and @heloiseCapaldwi for contributing!

And there we have it, plenty to be getting on with until the 13th Doctor lands on our screens. How are you spending the hiatus? Tweet us at @thetimeladies_ and let us know!

2 Replies to “13 Ways To Fill The Hiatus”

  1. One of my favorite ways to pass the time during Who’s ever returning hiatus’ is to do favorite rewatch categories like favorite ’12th Doctor’ episodes or favorite ‘River’ episodes or even ‘Second Chance’ episodes for episodes that I wasn’t necessarily fond of upon first viewing. A second chance viewing has sometimes changed my original opinion of an episode for the better. Basically you can come up with any number of categories that interest you. They really do help to pass the time (and give you a needed Who fix!) and get you closer in time to the next series.


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