We love you, Doctor Who.

Dear Doctor Who,

I mean the show, not the character. Although they’re pretty much the same thing, right? Does it really matter? I can hear the William Hartnell fans typing furiously as we speak!

Anyway. It’s Valentines coming up. A time of love, friendship and  tweeting about ‘how great your day of Netflix and pizza’ has been and buying reduced heart shaped chocolates the day after. Love comes in many different forms: Romantic, platonic, that feeling you get when you hear your favourite show’s theme tune…and each should be celebrated just as much as romantic love.

Which is why I’m writing this love letter. You see, I hold you (yes you!), my cosy little TV show, very close to my heart. I love you. Sorry to drop the L bomb so early on, but really, it’s best I get straight to the point.

You see, I have a lot to thank you for. Throughout my life, I have felt directionless, lonely and without meaning. This is typical of many people attempting to survive the world that is thrust upon us, which is why escapism is such a necessity. Which is why you, DOCTOR WHO, are such a necessity. When something is always there for you, brings you joy and friendships and shapes you as a person, it becomes a life line. So, thank you Doctor Who, for being my life line.

I love you because you’re always there for me. I love you because I can jump in that blue box any time and experience another universe. I love you because you teach me lessons and make me the best version of myself. But most importantly, I love you because you’ve given me friendships. The people I’ve met through our shared love for you have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. Smart, kind, loving people who continually help and support me whenever they can. You did that, you created this world for me and many others.

This was bound to get a bit cheesy, but all the best love letters are. You are loved, so much and by so many. Even when you go a bit weird and the sixth Doctor tries to strangle Peri, or that time when you made us sit through giant eye bogey monsters. OR when you kill off characters only for them to come back an episode or two later. Oh, and that time whe- sorry, that sentence got away from me. What I’m trying to say is, that despite all your flaws and mishaps, we still treasure you. You are lots of people’s everything, and that is the most beautiful thing of all.

So, thank you Doctor Who. I love you with all my heart.
Yours tearfully,

A Time Lady.

Our favourite love stories

Ian and Barbara

Both of us absolutely adore the relationship between Ian and Barbara. It’s so real: two colleagues and friends, slowly getting to know each other better… and just see what blossoms. It’s not showy and there are no grand declarations – it’s respect and trust. Two of the things that should be the foundation of any close relationship. Although their love for each other is never confirmed in script, we all know that surely they live happily ever after, best friends and companions till the end. Because who else would they fall for?

The Doctor and Jamie

Two male characters who go on adventures, are best friends, (technically) live together and regularly exchange hugs and hand holds? You couldn’t write that in 2018! In a world where male friendships have to be a testosterone filled beer-and-gaming-and-no-talking-about-feelings fest, it’s so refreshing to watch the Doctor and Jamie. Although the TARDIS has had many male companions since, not quite the same friendship levels have been reached.

The Doctor and Rose

The most classic of all love stories: boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy regenerates into another body… wait what. Personally, we almost love the relationship between Rose and Nine more than hers with Ten, controversial? We like seeing the mutual respect and friendship grow between them. When the Doctor thinks that he’s lost Rose in Dalek, you can visibly see the moment when his heart(s) break. But regardless of which Doctor, it’s a relationship that stands the test of time (quite literally) and when the Tenth Doctor burnt up a sun just to say goodbye… tell us you didn’t sob. Arguably the most romantic of relationships between The Doctor and his friend, we lapped up every minute.

Donna and Wilf

As we’re celebrating all types of love, we had to include two of our most devoted characters. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a close relationship with an older family member, you’ll love seeing the friendship between Donna and Wilf as much as we do. Not only is he her Grandfather (or ‘Gramps’), he’s her best friend, confidant and most trusted advisor. Who else would she tell about about a flying blue box and know they wouldn’t laugh in her face? He celebrates her wins with her and picks her up when she’s low. “You go and see the stars, and then bring a bit of them back for your old gramps.” We all wish we had a Wilf.

The Time Ladies

Capture 6
Because we’re big ol’ cheeseballs we had to include ourselves! Galentines was just a day ago and we love celebrating friendship above all kinds of love. We started talking about this blog, the need for it and our mutual love for all things Doctor Who a year ago and look at what’s happened! As much as your romantic relationships, tell your best friends you love and adore them, they need to be adored by you too. Thanks for bringing us together, Doctor Who.

Let us know your favourite Doctor Who love stories whether they be romantic, platonic or family related, we want to hear them all!
Comment below or tell us on Twitter or Instagram.

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