Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer Breakdown

‘All of this is new to me. New faces, new worlds, new times. So if I asked really, really nicely… would you be my new best friends?’

It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for… the series 11 trailer. Not a teaser, a full on footage-of-the-Doctor-running-around trailer.
So, what did we think? And what did we see in the trailer?


The Doctor greets us in a post regeneration haze, wearing her predecessors outfit and looking (more than) a bit shook. We think this is the first time she is present since falling out of the TARDIS, thoughts?
side note: this is kind of how we reacted when we first saw this trailer.


‘All of this is new to me…’
The Doctor utters, as Ryan gasps exasperatedly. #relatable
We love this shot, what is he looking for? It looks like it’s set in a classic Who industrial building, we do love a good factory or quarry.


Graham appears, looking slightly worse for wear as the Doctor continues… ‘New faces…’


Yas stares off dramatically into the distance, looking like an absolute queen while doing it.


What’s this? Is this the same place Yas was in the previous shot? A sunny, rocky landscape with a mysterious looking bit of tech in the foreground, some of which is on fire. Is it a crash? Is it a spaceship? ARE WE IN SPACE? AHHHH.

Capture11 - Copy

‘New worlds…’
And it certainly looks new, exciting and… sandy? Actually, if you pause at the right moment you’ll find that the Doctor and her friends are on a beach.
Maybe they’re just out for a whippy ice cream.

Capture12 - Copy

‘New times…’
Our TARDIS team are on the run! It was pointed out by Lizo Mzimba that the lettering on one of the buildings confirms it as being the motel where Martin Luther King was killed… so a clue for the story setting.

Capture13 - Copy

‘So if I asked really, really nicely…’
(POST REGEN ALERT!) Where is she? A cave? This doesn’t look like the UK?
Unless it’s a really dingy bar…

Capture14 - CopyCapture15

The Doctor is once again oohing and aaahing, clutching her head in pain. Girl, pls take some paracetamol.


A glimpse of Graham staring up at an unknown sight… with some mysterious gear and a patch near his eye hmmm mysterious. This looks as if it’s the same place as the ‘on fire crash’ scene earlier in the trailer.


‘Would you be my new best friends?’
The Doctor asks, and we get a wonderful shot of our new TARDIS team in a Pertwee-esque era pose. This shot further confirms the motel theory surrounding the Martin Luther King assassination.
And a new version of 13’s outfit… A PINK VARIANT!


The dramatic music continues as the Doctor gets her goggles on and begins firing up some sciency… wiency… stuff… We’re guessing the background isn’t the TARDIS. It looks like some sort of lab.


Ryan and Graham look pretty on edge. ARE U OKAY BOYS?


And a mysterious tunnel that looks like the inside of a spaceship. Or just a really fancy corridor. Either way, could it be more Doctor Who?!


When you’re waiting for your parcel… The Doctor peering through what appears to be a letterbox! There are lots of files behind her. We’re thinking an archive, or an office and she’s peeping in someone’s letter tray.


A beautiful landscape that looks like our adventurers have landed on the planes of Africa? A+ horse riding.


WHAT A SHOT! We don’t know if they’re on earth or another planet, but it looks BEAUTIFUL. We’ll take a holiday with that beach and those 3 suns.
We also spot Graham sporting some shades. Yas.


Ryan doing that thing when someone opens the curtain in the morning and the sun comes in. We wonder what’s blinding him? Is it Mandip Gill’s good looks?
He’s doing the shot so many Doctor Who companions have performed before him. Congrats, you’ve passed Tosin.


The Doctor and the sonic screwdriver IN ACTION. She looks SO DOCTORY.


Explosions + corridors + running + the Doctor = Peak Who.


This scene looks like a big reveal or cliffhanger, look at that light! Now if only we could see what they where looking at.
It’s also the first proper glimpse we get of a supporting cast. Can anyone identify the actors on the right?


Is it? What does it want? We can’t come to the phone right now, we’re busy crying over Jodie Whittaker.


‘Well, this is gonna be fun!’
announces the Doctor, and we couldn’t agree more. TAKE US WITH YOU NOW PLEASE.

Yes. Yes Doctor, we will be your new best friends. We want to travel to new times and worlds with you, meeting new faces. YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO ASK NICELY.

It has given us so much and yet held so much back – we still don’t know anything about series 11, but it gave us a great chance to finally see the gang in action. And more importantly, Jodie as the Doctor.

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  1. I don’t know if it’s just me, and to be honest, I’d love it if it were, but that lab where the Doctor was using the flamethrower, it could as well be in the TARDIS. Maybe an interior like the TV Movie version?


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