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Big Finish and The Time Ladies
– Want to write a Bernice Summerfield adventure?

A new collection of Benny short stories will be released in December this year – Bernice Summerfield: In Time which will been edited by Xanna Eve Chown.

We’re very excited about the new collection of Bernice Summerfield short stories out this December and we’re pleased to announce an opportunity with Big Finish to write a Benny story for inclusion in it! This would be fantastic experience for someone looking to showcase their writing, and you’ll work with Big Finish from editing through to hearing your story performed by Lisa Bowerman.


The opportunity
In celebration of 20 years of Bernice Summerfield – the first lady of Big Finish – we’ve an opportunity to write a short story for inclusion in the In Time collection.

The theme is young Bernice and your story should be set during her time in military school, before the events of her first foray into Doctor Who in Love and War. (For those unfamiliar with Benny’s background, Love and War is your best bet).

The winner will have their story published in the In Time short story collection, with the audio reading by Benny actress, Lisa Bowerman, herself!

Previously published writers can apply – but an application will not be accepted by anyone already writing (or who has already written) for Big Finish.

More on In Time
From a rocky start at military academy to her sudden immersion in an alternative universe – via a variety of jobs and adventures on Dellah, at the Braxiatel Collection, and in the murky world of Legion – Bernice Summerfield is a woman who can be said to have lived more than one life. But one thing’s for certain: wherever she is, Benny can always be counted on to right wrongs, get the job done and, sometimes, even have a good time along the way!

Each of the brand-new stories in this collection focuses on a different time in Benny’s life. There’s an adventure at St Oscar’s, a mystery at the White Rabbit, and even a surprising glimpse into the far future. Will Benny still be digging for artefacts at 80? You bet she will!

Bernice Summerfield: In Time will be available on ebook at £12.99, hardback at £16.99 and on audio read by Lisa Bowerman at £9.99. The writers include James Goss, Mark Clapham, Dave Stone, Victoria Simpson, Antonio Rastelli, Simon Guerrier, Peter Anghelides – and possibly you!

How to enter
To enter, email a short paragraph (max 150 words) to benny@bigfinish.com explaining the rough outline of the adventure, plus the first few paragraphs of the story to give us an idea of the writing style. Please also include a paragraph about yourself, the writer, with details of any previous writing experience and appropriate links (please do not include any attachments in the email). Only one entry per person will be accepted.

If your story submission is chosen, the final 5,000 word short story will be needed by the end of May: you’ll work closely with an editor to get the story ready for publication. You’ll be given a standard contract and payment – just the same as other Big Finish writers.

Please note you must be of 18 years of age or older to enter. Also, applications with references to the Doctor or creatures/companions from Doctor Who will not be accepted. We are unable to use them due to licensing obligations.

The deadline for entries is 23:59 UK time on the 12th of April 2018. Good luck!