How to Make Android TV Box Faster

If you’re frustrated by the slow speed of your Android TV box, you might be wondering how to speed it up. There are a few ways to make your device faster, including changing the animation scale, clearing the cache, and performing a factory reset. Keep reading for some tips and tricks. In this article, you’ll discover some easy ways to speed up your device. Hopefully, one or two of these tips will be useful to you!

Speeding up your Android TV

If you’re experiencing slow performance with your Android TV box, the first thing you can do is clean up the storage space. Many TV boxes have limited storage, and they will slow down considerably when they become moderately full. There are a few different ways to clean up the storage space on your device. In this article, we’ll cover the easiest ways to speed up your box. Follow these steps to increase its speed.

Disable automatic software and app updates. Sometimes these updates can consume unnecessary resources or bandwidth, making your Android TV Box run slower than usual. You can manually perform a restart to free up some memory and relieve the CPU from its load. Alternatively, unplug the device and reconnect it. The next time you notice a performance lag, try turning off the automatic updates for your device. This will clear out the cache and free up more space for foreground applications.

Changing the animation scale

To change the animation scale on an Android TV box, open the Developer Options. Tap the Drawing tab, and change the scale to “.5”. Then, select the apps you want to slow down. This should speed up the process considerably. Note: You may need to reboot your Android TV box to save the change. If you have trouble changing the scale, you can always use the developer options to restore the settings.

Once you’ve finished this, go back to the Settings menu and tap the Developer Options option. Next, tap the Settings icon. Scroll down to Device Preferences. Scroll down until you see “Developer Options,” and select “Animation Scale.” Change this setting to.5x and you’ll notice a drastic change in the speed of your TV box. If the change isn’t enough to improve the speed of your TV, try turning off the animation scale.

Cleaning the cache

There are a couple of ways you can make your Android TV Box run faster, and one of them is by cleaning its cache. This can be done on the application level, which means that the cache for installed apps can be cleared, too. You can find these methods in the menu settings of your TV. In this guide, we will show you how to do this. You should clear the cache for installed apps on your Android TV box at least once a month.

To clean the cache on your Android TV, go to the Settings menu. Then, find the Apps section and click on “Clear Data”. This will help you clear the cache of unused applications. Uninstalling unused applications will also help the Android TV to run faster. You can also factory reset your box to restore the default settings. This is a very basic method of making your Android TV box run faster.

Performing a factory reset

Performing a factory reset to make your Android TV Box faster is not something you should do lightly. The device may be bloated with unnecessary software, preventing it from performing the required functions. A factory reset will remove this build-up and return the device to its original factory settings. Afterward, you can easily install new firmware or custom ROM. For this process, you should create a list of all the applications on the device.

To begin, open the settings menu on your TV box. Select Storage & Rest from the bottom of the screen. Select “Wipe data” or “factory reset.” This option may be in a drop-down menu. Select Factory Data Reset from the menu and follow the prompts. Once complete, your device should boot faster and work as it did when you first bought it.