What Are Padel Tennis Court Dimensions?

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What Are Padel Tennis Court Dimensions

Whether you are constructing a new Padel court or renovating an existing one, you will want to make sure that the dimensions of your court fit the official standards. The official measurements for a Padel court are 20 meters long and 10 meters wide. These sizes are slightly different than those for tennis courts. In order to play a standard Padel game, you should also have the proper playing surface, lighting, and a net.

A padel court is a rectangular sports field that is divided into two parts by a net. It is enclosed by wire mesh on the outside, with glass and solid material on the inside. The walls can be made of concrete or metal. They are typically 3 to 4 meters high, with a height of a further 1 to 2 meters.

The padel net is placed in the center of the court. It is a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners. It is 92 cm high at the sides. In the center, the net is 88 cm tall. A padel court must be at least 6 meters above the floor of the playing area.

The back wall of a padel court should be at least 3 meters high. This wall will also need to extend the full baseline width of ten meters. The bottom of the wall must be covered with metallic mesh that is at least one meter high. The top of the back wall must be covered with wire mesh. The glass and solid wall sections should measure three and a half meters by two and a half meters. The edges of the wall should be 36 inches or 92 cm.

The Padel court is also required to be fully enclosed. The service lines are parallel to the net on each side of the court. These are spaced 22 feet or 6.95 meters apart. They are also 5 cm wide. An additional line runs perpendicular from the net to the service line. It splits the service blocks into left and right courts. The edge of the line showing the back of the service block should be 3 meters from the back of the court. The inside edge of the service block should be 6.95 meters from the net.

The official padel court measurements allow for a total surface area of 200 square meters. This is 75 percent of the size of a standard tennis court. However, you may choose to adjust the dimensions if you have more space, check more detail on Wanhe Sport.

The standard guidelines also dictate the location of access points. In addition, a ceiling should be at least six meters above the playing surface. The first three walls should be solid, and the last three should be metal fence. The end walls should be at least 13ft or four meters high.

A padel court can be constructed both indoors and outdoors. If you are building an outdoor padel court, you will need to consider the wind and the sun. These factors can affect the playability of the court. For an indoor court, you should consider partial sand infill to provide good ball bounce characteristics. This will help to keep the joints and muscles of the players more comfortable.

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