How to Pair a VicTsing Bluetooth Speaker With Your Phone

If you’re looking for a bluetooth speaker but don’t know how to pair it with your phone, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers topics such as Bluetooth range, Control buttons, Hands-free function, and more. Once you have successfully paired your speaker with your phone, you’re ready to use it. Read on to learn how to pair your VicTsing speaker with your phone.

Bluetooth range

The VicTsing speaker features a built-in microphone and hands-free functionality, eliminating the hassle of fiddling with a cable or missing a call. The range of its Bluetooth connection is up to 30 feet. Moreover, the speaker is water-resistant and dust-proof. It also offers up to twelve hours of playback time at 50% volume, and five hours at maximum volume. Moreover, the speaker’s battery capacity is 500mAh, and a full charge takes two to three hours.

It is very easy to pair a VicTsing speaker with a smartphone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device. The speaker can be easily paired with a smartphone or a tablet within a few seconds. Bluetooth enabled speakers typically feature a 30 to 50-foot range, but you should be sure to keep them close to your portable gadgets. Otherwise, they’ll drain their batteries too quickly.

Control buttons

If you’re looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks good, the VicTsing is the one for you. It has a silicone frame with an aluminum mesh top, and it has a charging port around the perimeter. It also has controls for volume and skip tracks. If you want to keep track of incoming calls, you can use the VicTsing’s built-in microphone. The speaker also comes with a blue LED on the bottom that illuminates when the device is on and ready to pair with your phone.

The VicTsing Cantor Bluetooth loudspeaker has two control buttons: the short press will switch between radio stations and songs, and the longer press will change volume. The speaker’s controls are clearly marked on its side, and the graphic was taken from the instructions. The volume buttons are also labeled to display time and station. You can set the VicTsing speaker to pair with more than one device, and you’ll never need to worry about syncing it with multiple devices.

Built-in mic

The built-in microphone on the VicTsing speaker makes it easy to pair with any Bluetooth device. However, it is not recommended to use the speaker in the water. To protect the speaker, it comes with an aluminum carabiner that is much safer than a suction cup. The speaker features volume and skip-track controls, along with an LED on the bottom of the unit. The speaker also features a charging port so that you can use it even when it’s not charging.

A surprisingly good amount of sound is produced by the VicTsing. Its 5-watt driver unit is capable of filling a small room, and the built-in mic allows you to pair it with any Bluetooth device. Another positive is that the speaker comes with a built-in microphone, which helps you make calls. It is also compatible with iPhones, Android devices, and Apple devices.

Hands-free functionality

A great way to enjoy your music without interrupting your drive is to pair your VicTsing speaker with hands-free functionality. The built-in microphone and hands-free functionality eliminates the hassle of fiddling with cables and missed calls. And you can use up to 30 feet of range, so you won’t have to worry about driving in traffic with your speaker nearby. You can use hands-free functionality with your phone by following these simple steps.

Bluetooth 4.1 technology makes pairing easy. Once paired, the speaker will automatically find your phone. Although the advertised Bluetooth range is 50 feet, it’s actually closer to 35 feet. Despite its lack of range, the connection is stable and there have been no reported signal loss. It also features a good battery life, with an impressive 12 hours of playback at half volume and 5 hours at full volume.

Suction cup bottom

The suction cup bottom of the VicTsing speaker holds it firmly to a flat surface. However, it doesn’t hold as strongly on some surfaces as it should. For example, the speaker may not stick to shower tiles or textured privacy glass. For the same reason, the speaker cover doesn’t look very elegant. It also has an early 2000s aesthetic. Nevertheless, the speaker is waterproof and is not damaged if dropped.

Despite its excellent performance, the main complaint about this Bluetooth speaker is its battery. It’s 800mAh battery cannot provide 10 to 12 hours of continuous play. This issue, however, is not caused by the speaker’s design, but is caused by an older Bluetooth version. Newer Bluetooth versions are more energy efficient and will give you a longer playtime. The suction cup bottom of the VicTsing speaker will be a boon if you’re concerned about spilling liquid on it.

Bluetooth transmitter

If you are looking for a great Bluetooth transmitter to listen to music, you’ve come to the right place. This Bluetooth FM transmitter is extremely easy to use. Once you’ve paired the transmitter with the speaker, you simply need to rotate the transmitter so that the LCD is facing you. After pairing, you can enjoy clear, static-free audio. As a bonus, the transmitter has a memory function, which means it will reconnect automatically once you’ve paired it with your device.

The first step in pairing your transmitter with your speakers is to turn them on. In some cases, the speaker will automatically turn on when you turn it on. The speaker will emit a sound and flash a light indicator when pairing. You may also be able to find a dedicated pairing button on your speaker. In either case, if it has a Bluetooth symbol, it’s in pairing mode and discoverable.