Time Ladies Tales: The Doctor’s New Clothes

The Doctor strolled through the TARDIS wardrobe, ducking between fur coats and swerving around a huge hat stand. She grabbed a long, colourful scarf from a nearby hanger, wrapped it around her neck and twirled around the bigger on the inside closet.

“Too long”, She whispered to herself. “Always got in the way” she muttered, louder this time sending echoes bouncing from the TARDIS walls. The TARDIS responded with a deep hum, sounding disgruntled at the Doctor’s thoughts.
“Well yes, I suppose the colours are very me!” she responded gleefully, tossing the scarf away as she did so.

She began madly digging around through rails of bright clothing, offerings from all around time and space. She sifted through space-suits, roman tunics and pin-striped suits until she finally landed on what she was looking for.
She held up a black, simple T-shirt with a rainbow of colours embellished onto the front. Her eyes lit up as she threw it on and looked in the mirror. Perfect, but not quite bright enough.


Standing in the ‘bottom half’ section, she pulled on skirts, shorts and jeans before deciding on a pair of bright teal trousers that sat cropped above her ankle. Grabbing a pair of comfortable brown boots, she threw them on her feet ready for all the running she was bound to do.

‘Braces…’ She’d always loved a pair of braces. Very Doctor. She grabbed a mustard yellow set from the shelves and carefully adorned her outfit with them. She pondered on what was missing before coming to the realisation that she hadn’t yet picked out a coat.

Her old self had been so plain, she thought. Deciding this wouldn’t do anymore, she ran clumsily up a nearby spiral staircase and landed in a sea of coats, rows upon rows of them. ‘Fur?’ she wondered out loud. ‘Too warm’ she answered to herself. Her eyes darted over the textures and features of the items, pieces from distant planets and civilisations beckoning to her.

‘Long! Long and colourful!’ she buzzed, and the TARDIS hummed in agreement. She tossed the velvet coats aside, muttering that it had ‘been done too many times’. She picked up a yellow rain mac left behind by an old friend, but decided remembering can sometimes be too painful.

New. She needed something new for her brand-new body and persona. Finally, out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a light blue coat swishing from the rails she had been lunging through. From the lapels flashed bright rainbow colours that matched her T-shirt and reached down to the bottom of the garment. She pulled it on excitedly and swirled and danced in front of the TARDIS mirrors once again. Her smile stretched from ear to ear as her outfit had finally come together.

‘Oh, Brilliant!’ The thirteenth Doctor explained, ready for exciting new adventures.

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